A seasoned, entreprenuerial software engineer with a diverse background. Interests span Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Stats, Computer Science and Technology.

Motto: Live, Love and Leave a Legacy

Approach: Leverage software and technology to streamline and automate investigative methods, testing of hypothesis, analytics and product development. Possible outcomes don't necessarily fuel the undertaking and the results will motivate further inquiry.

Highlights of Experience

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis

Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka, KSQL, Kafka Connect, Zookeeper

Search: Elasticsearch (Kabana, X-Pack), Solr, Lucene

Machine Learning: Keras, Tensorflow, Thenao

Cloud Computing: Spark, Hadoop

Cloud Deployment: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean

Time Series: Graphana

Analysis: R, SPSS, SAS, Knime

Mining: Scrapy, node-osmosis

Web Technologies: Angular, React, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Django, Spring (Java), Python

Native/Mobile: iOS, OSX, XCode, Obj C, Swift, Android Studio, Java

Enterprise IT: Docker, Kubernetes

Code Quality and Workflow: Docker, Git, Travis (CI/CD), Code Ship (CI), Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Git Flow


  • Work

  • Founder / Architect / Engineer - Dryfti - Predictive Analytics

  • Lead Sr. Architect / Engineer - ReadyMed - UT - USA

  • VP IT - Business Model Consulting - UT - USA

  • CEO - Research / Development / Engineering - Cindt R&D - USA,CA,CHE,AU

  • IT Manager - Automation and Systems Administration, United Fuel Supply - UT,TX,CA - USA

  • Computational Research Assistant, Molinero Research Group - University of Utah - USA

  • IT Specialist, ADS - Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Laboratory Technician, Parasitology - ARUP Laboratories - Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Manager, Body Worlds @ The Leonardo- Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Education

  • Mathematics - Baccalaureate of Science - University of Utah

    (Physics Minor)

    Computational Statistics Emphasis
  • Chemistry - Baccalaureate of Science - University of Utah

    Biological Emphasis
  • Pre-University - Associate of Science - SLCC

    Emphasis in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry
  • Pre-University - High School

Featured Projects

Robinhood Observer

Intrinio Client

Smug Shot

CouchDB LivingRoom




  • Angular 1 *****
  • Angular 2 *****


  • React***
  • React Native**


  • InnoDB***
  • PouchDB***

html & css

  • HTML5 ***
  • CSS3 ***
  • SASS ***
  • Bootstrap ***


  • Javascript ****
  • TypeScript ****
  • jQuery ***
  • D3 ***


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