A seasoned, entreprenuerial software engineer with a diverse background. Interests span Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Stats, Computer Science and Technology.

Motto: Live, Love and Leave a Legacy

Highlights of Experience


Enterprise Security Tools: Kandji, Beyond Identity, Crowdstrike, GCP, AWS, Azure, DNSSEC, WAF

Security Practices: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

SecOps: CVE reviews, vector / actor analysis, technical controls, continuous improvement, automation and auditing.

System Architecture: Planning and implementation of secure applications, networks, designs, deployments & configuration

Hacking and Testing: nessus, king phisher, snort, lynis, yersinia, nikto, wireshark, SET, autopsy, skipfish, johntheripper, nmap, hydra, maltego, metasploit, wpscan, Apktool, sqlmap, BeEF, aircrack-ng, burp suite

DevOps / Infrastructure

Enterprise IT: Docker, Kubernetes Consul, Vault, Terraform

CI/CD: Docker, Git, Travis, Code Ship, Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Git Flow

Cloud Providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean

Data Science

Machine Learning:Kubeflow, Tensorflow, Theano, Keras

Insights/Monitoring: Graphana

Analysis: R, SPSS, SAS, Knime

Data Processing/Computing: Spark, Hadoop

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis

Mining: Scrapy, node-osmosis

Software Development

Software Development Lifecycle: Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Git Flow

Data Streaming / Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka, KSQL, Kafka Connect, Zookeeper

Search: Elasticsearch (Kabana, X-Pack), Solr, Lucene

Web Technologies: Angular, React, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Django, Spring (Java), Python

Native/Mobile: iOS, OSX, XCode, Obj C, Swift, Android Studio, Java


  • Work

  • Senior Cloud Engineer - Fintech

  • Biocomputing - DevOps Engineer ARUP Laboratories

  • VP IT - Business Model Consulting - UT - USA

  • Founder - Research / Development / Engineering - Cindt R&D - USA,CA,CHE,AU

  • IT Manager - Automation and Systems Administration, United Fuel Supply - UT,TX,CA - USA

  • Computational Research Assistant, Molinero Research Group - University of Utah - USA

  • IT Specialist, ADS - Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Laboratory Technician, Parasitology - ARUP Laboratories - Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Manager, Body Worlds @ The Leonardo- Salt Lake City, UT - USA

  • Education

  • MSIS - Master of Science Information Systems - University of Utah

    Data Science / Cybersecurity / Computing Emphasis
  • MBA - Master of Business Administration - University of Utah

    Information Technology / Entrepreneurship Emphasis
  • Mathematics - Baccalaureate of Science - University of Utah

    (Physics Minor)

    Computational Statistics Emphasis
  • Chemistry - Baccalaureate of Science - University of Utah

    Biological Emphasis
  • Pre-University - Associate of Science - SLCC

    Emphasis in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry
  • Pre-University

Featured Projects

Kubeflow Contributor

Robinhood Observer

Intrinio Client

Smug Shot

CouchDB LivingRoom




  • Angular 1 *****
  • Angular 2 *****


  • React***
  • React Native**


  • InnoDB***
  • PouchDB***

html & css

  • HTML5 ***
  • CSS3 ***
  • SASS ***
  • Bootstrap ***


  • Javascript ****
  • TypeScript ****
  • jQuery ***
  • D3 ***


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